The questionnaires are based on the comparative study carried out within Teach-VET, that delivered a comprehensive picture of the core working fields of Vocational Teachers in Lithuania, Italy and Germany.

The self-assessment questionnaires and learning resources are structured according to these fields.


Please click on the respective competence field to start the self-assessment.

1. Planning of Vocational Education and Training

2. Implementation of vocational training and learning in a VET school

3. Implementation of vocational training and learning in enterprises

4. Teaching  students with special needs*

5. Assessment and monitoring of students’ learning outcomes

6. Advising about vocational education, employment and career

7. Project work and involvement in the development of VET provision

8. Professional development

9. Managing students’ conflicts and emotions

10. Digital competencies

11. Co-operation with VET-schools, chambers, international partners


* The expression “students with special needs” refers to all students with problems that give them a disadvantage compared to their peers (students with difficulties of learning deriving from physical, mental or due to the social / family context of belonging).